"partials/noscript.html.twig" is not defined in "partials/base-root.html.twig"

Good afternoon.
I just updated grav to 1.7, all went good.
after that I update the plugins. but I found this error:
grav.CRITICAL: Template "partials/noscript.html.twig" is not defined in "partials/base-root.html.twig" at line 44.

Any clue will be very much appreciated.
thanks in advance

templates are usually provided by the theme - which theme are you using ?
did you check if the mentioned templates are there under you theme’s folder ?

@cidelab, A search on the forum for ‘noscript’ returned this solved topic with the same error…

The same issue has also been reported on the repo of the Admin plugin.

Maybe applying the same solutions may help here too…

Thank you @hoernerfranz, @pamtbaau
the comments are very useful.
I’m using the Gateway Site template and haven’t found those templates in the partials folder.

I think with the information and links provided, I can start pulling the thread to find the solution.

thanks again