Are there limits on how many posts GRAV can handle (compared to WordPress)?

WordPress uses a database for everything, while GRAV uses files and folders. I see no problem with that, and it’s actually a lot more convenient for me that way.

However, is there any speed penalty when files are used instead of a database? For example, file sorting (by date, for example), file searching, children retrieval, doesn’t this take time to process if the search is performed over folders and files compared to a database that is built to search and sort and retrieve as quick as possible? For example, if we need to get all posts with a certain tag, won’t it be slow if there are many pages, since GRAV has to access each file, parse the header, and check if it has the tag, instead of just sending a query to the database and have a list of matching pages almost instantly?

In case files do make processing slower, about how many pages will it take to make GRAV slower than WordPress (since at least, I feel like GRAV might be faster because of how light and un-bloated it is, without reliance on various 3rd party plugins that might even stop working tomorrow)? Or if GRAV is actually slower than WordPress, then how many pages will it take to make GRAV noticeably slow?

We started to use GRAV for all websites that we’ll make from here on, and as the person who actually makes the websites, I can’t help but wonder. It would be really bad to us and to GRAV if our customers will come after a year, complaining that their site is starting to work slowly.

I personally love GRAV, and I’ll use it as long as it lets me get away from WordPress, but I just want to know how its performance is.

If anybody knows anything about this topic, I would really appreciate it if you can tell me!


Hi @orthocube, I should have mentioned that the main reason behind the new Flexpages feature is in fact supporting much larger sites with high performance! Here are a few more details on Flexpages that should interest you🙂

Please note that Flexpages are likely to first show up in future 1.7x beta releases but it will not be a while until they are included in non-beta versions (at least that is what I understand).

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Wow, I’m honestly at a loss of words, it’s just awesome! This will be a huge advancement for GRAV, in my opinion. It’s literally all that I’ve been looking for plus more.

Thanks for answering and sharing the link, I should have read it until end the first time you sent it to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I sincerely wish GRAV more success, and I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in making GRAV awesome! Thanks!