PDF export

I’m trying to download the posts in pdf, I read this post http://getgrav.org/forum#!/general:custom-theme-for-pdf-export and instructions of the proposed bundle https://github.com/KnpLabs/KnpSnappyBundle#generate-a-pdf-document-from-a-twig-view? but I still have some doubts:

  1. where I enable kernel? knplabs says “app/AppKernel.php” but does’t exists in GRAV
  2. where I enable the binary program wkhtmltopdf? knplabs says “app/config/config.yml”
  3. where I put the control to generate a pdf document from a twig view?
    I mean I can do this with a plugin or I need to add some function in system?
    Thanks in advance

The instructions are definitely written to be used with the symfony framework, hence all the references to kernel and app/config/config.yml. It’s most definitely not drop-in-ready for Grav. But it’s PHP 5.3 compatible, which is the first step.

It will definitely require some experienced php developer to adapt it to work as a Grav plugin. No one has attempted this before, but it’s a good place to start.

Maybe google around might provide some insight. For example: http://www.kingpabel.com/php-html-to-pdf-snappy/

Another option i found while googling: http://phptopdf.com/

and one more option for good luck: http://techzax.com/how-to-convert-html-to-pdf-in-php-with-fpdf/#.VWmJqppViko

Thank you for your kind answers and for these cues, rhukster, I certainly try them again thanks