Parameters in the root page cause a 404

Hi, I was wondering why the root page, when fetched with parameters returns a 404:

I’ve tested with the last version of Grav (v1.1.12)


Seems to be working fine to me. I tried on a multilang site. Anyone else can replicate it?

Thanks Flavio, I just seen that if I fetch localhost/grav/en/?foo=bar instead of localhost/grav/en?foo=bar, I have a 200 and the query parameter is found.


Anyone dealing with parameters on the / (root) page in a multilang site? Thanks

localhost/grav/en?foo=bar actually throws a 500 for me but localhost/grav/en/?foo=bar works

Is there an issue for this?

Hi Andy,

Yes, I’ve just created it:
The issue is still there on version 1.2.2 of Grav and my setup is the following: