"Page must be saved before you can upload files"

I’m creating some pages and their primary role is to upload a file. I’m creating the pages via an ‘add page’ modal. Once the page is created I receive the message that the page must be saved before a file can be uploaded.

I’m wondering if there is a workaround for this? It would be nice to be presented with the file upload field straight after the page is created.


I asked this on Slack on June 28 and unfortunately got no answer. Your need seems greater than mine. I can see the technical reasons for this limitation, though it’s an annoying UX.

I can imagine creating a custom form field that stashes an uploaded file into a general media folder until the page is saved, when it is moved. If that can be done, it seems like a decent sized task. So basically I’ve got as far as having an idea for an algorithm.

Very interested to see if anyone else knows simpler way.

Thanks for the reply. I wondered if it would be possible to some way trigger a save after the page is created.

Yeah, you mean save after the initial modal dialog? There would need to be enough information to create a “skeletal” page. It might be because the blueprints could contain required fields that don’t get populated if the user cancels. That’s certainly another approach worth investigating for sure though.

If you want a knowledgeable answer from core developers, try submitting an issue in the Github repo and be sure to search first in case this has been raised before (think it may have been).

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