Display Page-Media in custom page blueprints

Hi folks,

is there a way to display the Page-Media file uploader as shown at the bottom of the default template, in a custom page form? Or is there another nice way to give an editor the possibility to upload and handle files to a page folder?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I’m afraid that is a very custom field that is tied to the page content editor. There is a generic file upload field however.

@rhukster: It says in the docs:

media from one of the page media already uploaded through FTP or using the page media manager

What is meant with ‘using the page media manager’ ?

I’m looking for a way to easily upload images by the editors, to do it with the page media is to complicated (especially because you need to first save the page before selecting the image in a pagemediaselect field, and then save again)

Yes that’s because when you upload media to a page, you need to have a page folder in which to upload. When creating a new page, that folder is not created until you ‘save’. it would require some logic to allow uploads into a temporary location, and then those would be retrieved and pulled into the page folder on create. This is possible, and in fact something we plan on doing, but it’s just not there yet.