Ordering blog page by Title

Hello, i’m building my first Grav site and I’m facing an issue that I don’t see from the documentation how to solve it. I have a blog page (type blog) with page content (type item). Pages has a title which contains a number (part 1, part 2, etc…). When I specify in the blog page ‘@self.children’ with ‘Ascending’, the blog root page displays the blog items in the right order (Part 1, 2, 3, etc…) but the Prev/Next buttons in the blog children pages point in the other order (eg: From Page 2, Prev points to 3 and Next to 1). When I specify ‘descending’, its the contrary (Prev/next are correct, eg from page 2, Next point to 3 and Prev to 1, but the blog page display descending, top is part 4, then part 3, etc…). I can’t see an option to order blog root page and children page next/prev in the same order for both.

Check this topic:

I believe this is the case you’re referring to. I agree it’s counter intuitive and there’s a workaround available for theme creators. But if you’re using one of the default themes, the order is in reverse :man_shrugging:

Many thanks for this quick and very useful reply @Karmalakas. Effectively the post corresponds exactly to my case. If I do understand, it’s the blog “concept” which inverts the Prev /Next buttons actions of the blog pages. I never remarked that… very strange indeed. But for my own case to read the next pages in the right order I will then place a link instead of the standard buttons to read the next chapter. Anyway, thank you very much. I could spend hours before I understand that it was a concept issue and not a question of understanding the page configuration system.

You could extend the theme you’re using and update that single template, which has the pagination, by reversing the logic

OK, i will try this. But I would rather prefer to avoid any developments. Even if i know how to write a program and also the web technologies, I will try for my first implementations to use the full Grav standard by using the configuration tools. And I can already see that it’s very powerfull. :slight_smile: