Blog Children Display Order in Admin Panel (Sort by Date versus Name)

Anyone know how to set the blog to display articles by date instead of name? We are reaching the point at which this would make editing/organizing a lot easier. Per this github issue I did confirm that the blog parent in the admin panel is set to a Children Display Order of “Ordered by Collection Definition”, and my is configured as this:

blog_url: blog
    items: '@self.children'
        by: date
        dir: desc
    limit: 10
    pagination: true

Unfortunately, the children pages are still in alphabetical order. What am I missing here?


There is an option in the “Advanced” section at the very bottom called “Children Display Order” that can be set to order by collection definition.

Hey Rhukster! I actually do have that set at the blog level. Thanks for the reply

Sorry, to qualify previous message, have it set, but it doesn’t seem to respect that descending date order

Hmm, my test page has:

        taxonomy.category: blog
    limit: 5
        by: date
        dir: desc
    pagination: false

And when I toggle that option, it does definitely change the order and uses the content’s order settings.

Thanks Rhukster - you’re totally correct. This ended up being me not realizing that the default display for that field is “Ordered by collection definition” but it still has to be checked!

Checking the box totally makes it work. May I suggest the default display in that field perhaps being the actual default value (which isn’t ‘ordered by collection definition’) instead in order to prevent others from being confused in the future? Default page ordering