Option for automating similar posts

Hi There Grav-Community!

I have a question: I want to start a blog and one of the posts will be very “standardized” with same structure: around 20 parameters, with multiple options (for example aroma: fruity, spicy, etc) and couple of free text fields (description, impression, etc).

It is actually about reviewing similar products…

Do I have any options to somehow structure and automate something like this… like a form, or a form builder or something similar?


Are you asking if it’s possible to have more fields for a specific type of blog item in Admin?

If so, then yes - if you’re using Quark or other non-custom theme, you’d need to extend it by theme inheritance and either modify blog item blueprint and template or create a new ones for this specific type you need

Hi and thanks. I will have to have a look at what you have send me.

Idea is that I would like to post my wine tasting notes on line and I would like to automate as much as possible of it. Generally I will observe ca 15 properties divided into 3 categories: visual, olfactory and taste. The properties will be mainly described by key words. For example: color: yellow, bright, clear. And so on.
The best comparison that I can find is the definition of attributes in the Products in WooCommerce.

OK, so automation has nothing to do with it, as I understand. Simply instead of typing everything you just want to select some values from predefined options. So as I initially suggested, you’d need to create your own blueprint for custom form and a template to output that form.

Thanks. As soon as I will find time, I will dive into it! :smile: