Create an admin menu type for blog


I was wondering if it’s possible to have a different structure for the blog post type. Instead of having it structured like:

I’d like to have it it’s own menu button on the left hand side. With that it might become more organized and would be easier for the end user to add/edit blog posts.
I am not sure yet how you’d call that for Grav CMS but in WP it would be a custom post type.

This might be a huge customization to realize but would like to know if at all this is a possibility and if some has done it before?

So far really liking the system and am pretty new to Grav CMS, coming from WP and Shopify. I am looking for alternatives and like the way Shopify structures with it’s sections in which Grav CMS comes really close since it uses twig to do templating.

Any help here would be appreciated.