Contact Me getting Error 404

When I submit I get Error 404 and it took me to notice the double home/home. How do I fix this?

I’ve temp. put in a submit form for issue above, but working on About/Contact me. Still need help on this one.

Are you adding an extra home in the slug?

slug: /home/contact-me
--- Instead of

slug: contact-me

no slug on my page content.
But this problem is at its core. You can repeat what I did like this:
I load admin-core create page no contact form when I create a page
so add plugin recaptcha then it give option contact form. You can try it for yourself or look here.
Submit does not work as described above.

I just did all the steps that they recommend, and it went through.

what is the website you did on let me take a look

I see! It goes to … contact#contact-form After I submit. Can you see if it also work on theme Bone Vanilla. Any know how this happen? Why mine does not goes to contact#contact-form.

and I can’t get back to it keep send me to Close browser’s tab open again and still same.

ya, because the form has already been submitted, probably a cache thing. and I will try that theme

So we need help on how-to send users to a thankyou page after submit.

Also mine was installed on a directory /home and yours install on /. I think that is mine problem.

aslong as the whole grav installation is in the same directory, that shouldn’t interfere.

It seems to be an issue with just that theme.

could it be the my issue is with my server. It’s running on php version 7.1.0 or something simple as page/site/twig configuration that we can do.

I don’t think so, just because it failed when I had that theme, I just may not handle the plugin well

Where is the slug/href (twig) for my Contact me in using different theme come from? I need to fix I can’t submit Contact me.