One more simple blog

This is my first time using Grav CMS. For blogs it is perfect cms, very simple and fast.
I use Grav CMS v1.7.33 - Admin v1.10.33.1 with Mediator theme v1.5.1.

Alfabuster’s blog

Although colors are not for my taste, but I really like the simplicity :slight_smile: One note/question though. Should “Learn More” buttons have cursor: pointer;? :slight_smile:

Oh, and when hovering on card and it slides a bit from left to right, width of content holder changes and text starts jumping to next line. Should fix that content width :wink:

Thanks for reply.

Actually I didn’t think about it. I was focused on hover effects. But yes with cursor: pointer; looks much better now.

This one I am still don’t know how to correctly solve this problem. Cause if put width: 600px;
it is become not responsive for mobile devices… But I will found solution.

Anyway thanks for fresh review of my blog.