Notepad Date Format

While this question doesn’t apply to just Grav, I’ll ask it here: Is there a way updated version of the Notepad theme could support more than one date format? Specifically, I’d like to use the YYYY-MM-DD format, which requires putting the month and year above the big red digits representing the day. I should have the coding figured out for my purposes, but this could be a useful update for the theme’s users in general. Thank you!


It’s of course 100% doable, You might want to create an issue on the notepad GitHub page:

Thank you. I fixed it for my purposes. I’ll try to drop a line on GitHub if I get a chance. Maybe they can add a note to the documentation (if they haven’t done so already), advising users to modify user/themes/notepad/templates/partials/article.html.twig in order to change the date format. It turned out to be very simple. (Nonprogrammer here.)