Change dateformat in German

Hi there,
I’m very happy using grav, but I can’t find a way to display the right dateformat if the language is another than English. I tried several workarounds I found, but nothing could solve the problem. Is there anyone who can explain?


Hallo, @Webmasterlein!
I set the following in “system.yaml”:

default: ‘d-m-Y H:i’
short: ‘d-m-y G:i’
long: ‘D, d M Y G:i:s’
publish_dates: true

Hope it works for you as well (see:
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Thank you,
but it doesn’t work with gantry5-templates. Here I found a solution given by rockettheme support:
By the way, nice website


Hey there,

for my plugin Simple Events I did it directly in the template, to make the date format very customisable. I put my own example for a German date configuration in the template comments. You can see the output in action here:

Hope this helps!