Unable to sort using "Ordering" menu in admin

I am trying to update the order of my site’s pages through the admin, but I am unable to use the “Ordering” option under Pages > [individual page] > Advanced > Ordering. In this case, it’s technically an item/blog item.

I drag the page to the bottom of the list and click Save, but the list reverts to the original when it refreshes.

I’m currently running Grav v1.7.5 & Admin v1.10.3, although this was happening before I upgraded Grav (I think I was on 1.7 or 1.7.3 before today). My file permissions are set to the default Grav settings—755 for folders and 644 for files. I tried setting the folder permissions to 775 to see if maybe it was a permissions issue, but that didn’t change anything.

The only way I’ve been able to get this working is to physically rename the folder via FTP. Which I can do for the short-term, but it’s not exactly ideal.


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I was having the same problem on v1.7.37.1. It seems like the cache isn’t updated when changing the order. You can trick it into updating by changing the page’s menu name under Pages->Advanced->Overrides->Menu. Just put something random, at that point the cache will be updated. Then undo the name change and the ordering will remain.

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Of course, having used grav for two days now :slight_smile: I noticed there is a dedicated button on the admin panel to refresh the cache.

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