After Awhile Frontpage Goes Blank

Something I’ve noticed, I have a GRAV site where after a period of time (seems random) the home page goes partially blank, no errors or anything like that, just the body of the front page shows no content.

Sometimes it takes days, but other time it takes mere hours. If I clear the cache it seems to fix it, for a time.

I thought it might go away after some updates, but it hasn’t. The website in question is located at …

Any ideas on what might cause this to happen?

Something appears to be corrupting the cache-process, either Grav’s output or an internal process on the server. How is your caching set up, and what caching does your server use?

Maybe try setting the caching to use Files. With the default Auto it might be using something like Xcache that is being cleared out without Grav’s knowledge.

I have other GRAV sites on the same account/server, and they seem to be fine. But I’ll try changing the cache and let you know. THX!

Setting cache to use “Files” seems to have done the job thus far … THX for the help!