Cant get rid of center aligned text

I am new to grav. So pardon if this is an easy one. I made a new article on my grav site with markdown. it cant seem to get it corrected.

Page loads, content is there. What’s wrong? What’s the expected result? Don’t want to be aligned in the center? You have a style on your main section:


I seem to have fixed it… Im just not sure how. I changed the " Configuration - System - Media - Fix orientation automatically" to NO and I changed the default page type to default from Blog.

Was the same topic title before? Only now noticed it mentions centered alignment, hence the questions. Sorry if I missed it somehow :slight_smile:

It probably depends on the theme you’re using, but hardcoded style attribute is a sign of poorly designed theme.

So I have since learned a lot more about grav and I found my own solution. I was using the excellent gravcms docker image from but didnt have the blog skeleton deployed.

I ended installing this: GitHub - getgrav/grav-skeleton-blog-site: Grav Blog Site Skeleton and it fixed my issue.