Newsletter plugin?

Any sustainable newsletter plugin around ? Something that can handle subscribers at least ? And make one able to chose a page to send ?

Not yet. But Grav offers several ways to integrate 3rd party solutions:

Harald, I value your contribution, however, I think the community would appreciate and benefit more from contributions written in English… Which is the lingua franca for forums/communities.

Would you mind sharing an English summary?

@sherpadawan, I did a little search on the plugin repository of Grav ( and found

This plugin offers a simple way to (un)subscribe users to/from a list or a newsletter.

Have a look and see if it suits your needs…

You can add any 3d party code with these plugins:

  • InjectPHP: Embeds the output of any PHP code in a Grav page.
  • ShortcodeAssets: Embeds multiple JS and CSS files in a page.
  • ShortcodeCore: Define your own shortcodes which inject any output in a Grav page.
  • Mix HTML with Markup and embed 3rd party apps as an iFrame.

With these tools, you can embed any PHP or JS based mailinglist out there seamlessly in Grav.

Sorry missed the Subscriber Plugin, because I filtered by “Newsletter” … thanks for the hint @pamtbaau