Admin account create

Is there any way to create admin account without command line?

Yes you are placing a file in the user/accounts folder. The name of the file is the username for login e.g. for admin.yaml it will be “admin”. The file itself has the contents

password: 'password'
email: ''
fullname: 'Johnny Appleseed'
title: 'Site Administrator'
    login: true
    super: true

As you can see the password s set to “password” (You can find more info here )

Thanks! It worked. Can I change the username - ‘admin’?

Yes, it was just an example. You can create any alphanumeric name + underscores. In you case you may change it to osmangoni.yaml :wink: It’s really up to you. What matters are the access configuration. admin.super: true means you can change everything (documentation).

@Sommerregen, You are awesome. GRAV is also awesome. Can you help me with the 500 Internal Error?

@Sommerregen, my site is now working. Not sure what have changed! I am loving GRAV. How can I marked the post as solved?

Hi @osmangoni. Great! Actually you can’t mark posts as solved… :-/ Usually post are ending with “thanks” or something similiar or “solved” and everybody knows that there is no further help required. And sometimes people add other thoughts to posts with similiar problems or have good additions to say! :smiley: