404 Not Found

I have used the install notes, to install Grav but i am getting a 404 Not Found error, with the additional text of “The requested URL /grav-admin/admin was not found on this server.” when trying to open localhost/grav-admin.

Suggestions for errors please.
The Apache server is of long standing and running, php is version 7.0.8 and other local sites work fine

Try to use /admin only in Your url

Same error if i use localhost/admin and a web search if i use /admin only

I mean localhost/admin
But maybe You have to use some subdir like:
What url is for front of Your page?

bumerang07, not sure i understand your last question but Grav is currently only on a local server

Yes, but what is the url You have to write to see Your home page?
You should be able to load to admin when You put Your site path and /admin
Unless You have install version without Admin Panel?
this is link for the CMS with admin panel: https://github.com/getgrav/grav/releases/download/1.1.8/grav-admin-v1.1.8.zip

URL is simply localhost.
The version i downloaded included the admin panel from the site download, and if i try to install by using bin/gpm install admin then it says already installed.
If i put localhost/admin then i get the 404 error