New hosted site does not display new content and displays deleted files

Hive Mind,

I reached the point of uploading my locally functioning site up to the hosted server. All was well. I then made substantial changes to the files on my local server and uploaded the changes to pages section and the altered css file to the themes/templates to the hosted server. Nothing changed.

Oh, dear. I went into the Grav Admin area and cleared the cache, no change. I poodled around on my hosted server (Bluehost) to see whether the pages were cached there, can’t see any caching going on. I scratching my head to figure out how to force the display of changes made. Some of the files and folders in the pages area no longer exist in the file structure and yet happily appear in the Admin pages and the web interface.

What gives? TIA

Hmmm. New to Coda. Realized my updated files were sitting at the root of the site not nestled where they should. Continually updating files that were in the wrong place in the hosted site structure . . . Correct problem and we are all good.