New French language support

Hi i read on changelog New French language support
How i can fix it on adin panel ?

What are you wanted to do? Change some lang strings in Grav itself? Or change some lang strings in the admin plugin? Or just be able to use French on the front end?

not possible both, mono-language?
i read the tuto here
but i’m lost

Please explain what you are wishing to achieve? A site in French or a site in multiple languages?

Hi just a site in french

You can certainly just start writing your content in french. Grav fully supports this. To take advantage of the few lang strings in that language is actually something I need to double check. You can add fr to the list of languages in your system config, but I think this is going to put /fr/ in front of all your other URLS.

This is something I need to fix.

no pb with content,
an issue for ex, i change date of article to month “august”, aout in french
i see “AUG” in blog date not "AOU"
How i can manage that ?
I test with fr in admin setting, out of issue of fr addition on adress no modifs

What’s about admin translation in french ?

Regarding dates, maybe this will help:!/general:date-format

Regarding the admin, you can pick a language the admin is in from the User profile. Just click on your avatar in the top left corner.

Thanks for the tricks for admin but french language not available


i try to upload picture seems not ok

Hmm seems we don’t have a french translation of the admin yet! Hopefully someone will create one based on the existing ones here: