New Design for Fun-Site

I am in the process of building a fun site.

The navigation is up, only the design is still naked and totally gloomy.
I plan to hire a designer on to improve the look. The site should be brighter and more colorful.
Unfortunately I lack the ideas how exactly to design the site.
Should I use background images, or do you have an idea how to spice up the site?

I really doubt you will find designers here. And for me it seems like a spam, because you post same page from time to time

@Karmalakas, I don’t think it is spam, but a serious cry for a designer willing to spice-up the site.

The site has been build using Grav and the user hasn’t received any replies on a previous request for designers.

A bit of a grey area I would say :slight_smile: Why not revive that old topic then? :man_shrugging: I mean now it seems like the page was built very recently (few days ago) and search for designer started just now, but actually it’s already been going on for a while, which would make even more sense to bump up that old topic, so someone would see there’s a lack of designers…

Just my opinion

Ok, thanks for your opinion.

@Henning007, I think the reply from @Karmalakas contains a bit more than an opinion…

It is a good practice on forums to not create new posts asking the same question, but instead to “bump” an existing one by adding a reply and express the urgency.