Multisite Domains

I have multisite (subdomains) working great. Thanks for that! I’m trying to figure out the best way to point domains (ie: to each applicable child site without actually changing the url (ie: would still show).

I’ve attempted different domain settings along with .htaccess configurations. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Just checking in to see if anyone has experience connecting a primary domain (not a subdomain) to a specific child site. Typically this would be easy to do if there was a directory created for each child site. Thanks in advance.

I never tried but I think it’s just a matter of pointing all domains to your IP and then simply use the subdomain setup.php but instead of specifying subdomains, use top-level domains.

Thanks so much. I’ll dig into this a little further to see what I can do.

I can confirm multisite does work with top level domain. Follow direction on the Learn tutorial the one part that would be different would be the folder created under site will use your top level domain as the folder name.