Multiple sites setup precision wanted

☆ Here is a main web site with Antimatter and mytheme in inheritance.

Let’s say there is now a subdomain of that site http://<subsite> like in the documentation

Following the indications given there:

  • a folder is created in user/sites/<subsite>
  • a setup.php file is created in root folder on the exact model of the documentation
  • changes have been made on hosting to point http://<subsite> to user/sites/<subsite>

user/sites/<subsite> folder is structured as:

  |_ config
      |_ plugins
      |_ themes
  |_ pages
  |_ plugins
  |_ themes
       |_ learn2
       |_ mytheme

Sorry for probably ridiculous questions but…

What should be done next ?

Locally, on development XAMPP server, how is it possible to access the new subsite ?
By which url ?

Or, is it a independant web site locally … and then it’s only on hosting side that it is inserted into the main with one thrue setup.php ?

Thanks in advance for precisions… ♪

Thank you in advance for support.

Should my main site also be placed in a folder in user/sites/ ?

Right now; I am not able to find out my learn2 subsite nor locally nor remotely on hosting side…

… I mean that I can not find the url that I should put to reach
Thanks in advance for your indications ☆

In previous post about ‘multisites’ (6 weeks ago) [source: 'multisites search in this forum] it is mentioned that documentation would not be acurate anymore… How is it right now?
Please help!!

hello! i have just read your issue… the forum has been having some trouble today. when i get out of school and set up at the fire department i’ll look at it in detail

Is it actually possible to set for multiplesites?

Hello tidivoit,
might be useful to you, I can show you my experience:
my domain is (blog site)
my subdomain is (a book about change with skeleton RTFM)

Locally treat them as separate sites with all their separate folders, etc. and so I log onto as two separate sites.
Online subdomain is a folder on the root domain (vie).

To access the subdomain, on the internet, on my web hosting (Siteground) I created a subdomain (, I set the Document Root in /public_html/vie, I did not set any redirection. it’s all.


♪ Thank you very much for answering !

I understood how you did: it’s simple and efficient.
Two independant structures locally, linked by setup.php remotely on hosting side…

The point is: no duplication on hosting side : perfect!
I am going to try that!

I will post here result of operations…
My site is still under construction right now… But thanks again… ☆

I add this note to be more precise: my online site is updated to version 9.29 of GRAV, while the subdomain RTFM is updated to version 9.39, setup.php was not there!

So I have two GRAV online: the first in the root, the second in a folder under the root: so no files in common. The solution is in the sub-domains management which allows the hosting platform.

Locally, where the two GRAV are separated, I’m updating both sites and as soon as I hope to do the online update …

but the Core Team is fast and too talented to stay abreast of them.

Good luck

☆ Thanks for precisions: I am not yet desesparating to have precisions about how things are actually ofr multiple sites from the core team and I keep searching on my own also.

I am now locally trying to make things correctly:

  • originally, I was dealing with extension themer to have learn2 pages into antimatter by settings in each page header. But doing so, it’s difficult to customize learn2 with mytheme as mytheme is also used by antimatterand therefore also common documents becomes problematic…

  • so, first, I modified learn2directly but then comes an update and then the customization is to repeat in the next version which is not ideal.

Finally I asked the core team how to do and @rhukster recommanded to keep things separated.

  • So, solution is to have two sites with each of them their own mytheme to customize seperately and leave the way to updates…

Now there is a distance between what should work, and what is working efficiently in real world…

Right now, I am therfore experiencing locally of I can get along with learn2 customize by mytheme independently exactly the way I had it before: (it was beautiful!!!) and then I’ll try to put things together on hosting.

I would like to thank you again for taking time to consider this issue: I really appreciate it ♪

You will agree with me that there is something special about Grav, probably due to its overall apparent efficency… thanks to the core team!
It is not everywhere that common users take time to consider others…

Thanks again ☆