Multiple menus

Hey ther. Grav newbie here.

I’m just playing around with my localhost install and am trying to work out how to create multiple menus. The helium theme has a dropdown to select menus but I can’t work out how to populate it -only ‘default’, ‘primary’ etc. can it be done in the admin? Or Is this done with directories/file structure? Yaml config?


Menus are really just a way to displaying your page structure. So you could create two distinct folder trees under user/pages and then just start displaying one menu based on the first branch, etc first-menu that actually lives in user/pages/01.first-menu/ and then a second menu that starts iterating overs pages for second-menu, ie user/pages/02.second-menu.

If you look in the Antimatter theme, you can see that the menu (although just a single menu) starts at the root node / and then loops over the children. So just start at /first-menu node.

Thanks for that - I’ll have a play when I get a minute.