Multiple forms on a single page

I’ve been trying to get a single form to show on my contact page but have had no success. I’ve created the file with the basic information from the “Learn” section. However my form will not show on my contact page.

To expand this page, I would like to put two different forms on this page but not sure if or how to do it since I can’t get one form to show right now.

<< I can’t get one form to show right now.

From a user’s perspective I can say the the form plugin does work.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the documentation but I recall that , at the time, it was a bit confusing. Actually, getting an example form to show up on a page is pretty straightforward once you realize that all the form display and processing is generated in the yaml frontmatter of your page.

Copy all the code here and paste it into a blank page. You should see a simple form on the front-end. Any text you add below the yaml stuff will display above the form. Hopefully, this will get you beyond square one so you can develop your own form.

Regarding multiple forms on a single page… using the conventional technique I don’t see how this is possible as only one form can be referenced in the yaml area. Howeve r, a thought is that perhaps you can build forms as individual modules and combine those into one page? Not that familiar with Grav modules but that is how we’d approach it with Joomla.

I’ve done the sample code that you sent and it is not working.

I will look into modules to see if that will help my issue.

Currently multiple forms are not allowed on a single page.

I’d like to allow this, but in the current state of the plugin only one form per page can be added.

One form should definitely work following the examples. We reworked the Form examples recently, if you cannot get it to work send me your user/ folder via Gitter PM to check what’s the issue, so if there’s a roadblock on the docs we can improve it.