Form on Single Page Site

I’ve been playing around with setting up a single page site with different modules. I’ve gotten everything working except for my contact form. Below is my file structure:


This is what my file looks like.

title: Contact
body_classes: contact
markdown: true
twig: true
items: '@self.modular
action: /
name: my-nice-form
name: name
label: Name
placeholder: 'Enter your name’
autofocus: 'on’
autocomplete: 'on’
type: text
default: test
type: submit
value: Submit
message: ‘Thank you for your feedback!’

My form will NOT show up at all.

I’m wanting to divide my _contact module into two columns with the form on the left and actual contact information on the right.

Please checkout this Learn site page for how to build forms in modular pages.

P.s. next time use triple backticks to wrap your code blocks, so they are formatted and indented properly.

I did use the triple backticks but I must have messed it up somehow. I used that page for almost an hour last night without it working at all.

I’ve switched back to the Antimatter theme and my form is NOT showing up still when it’s on a module.

I one folder 01.home which consists of 5 modules. Inside the file in the 01.home folder, I have added the form markdown code. Then I have a _contact folder that has a and file. The file only consists of

cache_enabled: false

The file consists of some basic html for my contact information.

What am I doing WRONG?