Multiple authors (based on logins?)

TLDR: Best way to handle multiple authors?

Maybe i am missing something here? My goal is: A blog, that is maintained by multiple (non-techie) authors, they should be able to login via the “admin” plugin. So from my thinking, the users of the admin Dashboard are also the blog authors, so i would like to access that information accounts/author1.yml, accounts/author2.ymlin the templates to show the author (name, icon, bio) of the current blog post.

Everything I found here relates to site.yml. But also i do not find the possibility to have multiple authors there, it’s just author, not authors.

in this skeleton i see that the author, including all meta data is used per page:

i don’t want to do that, to keep it more manageable.


Grav does not add automatically the author to the page.
You can add a field to the Admin, to have a select box where authors choose the author.

You can look at how the Sitemap plugin adds a couple fields to every page in Admin.

In particular, all happens in the onBlueprintCreated event.

You can have your theme implement the same method and add an author select box, prepopulated with your site authors. That will be saved in the page yaml when the page is saved, and you can reference that field in the frontend.