Finding a way to create multiple authors with mediaselect in site.yaml

Hi everyone, I would like to add the possibility of adding multiple authors, accessible via the file site.yaml.

I rewrote the blueprint in /users/blueprints/config/site.yaml, and added this configuration

            type: section
            title: Authors
            underline: true

                    type: file
                    label: Image
                    destination: 'user/themes/my-theme/images/author/'
                    multiple: true
                    filesize: 1
                      - image/*
                    avoid_overwriting: true

                    name: authorlist
                    type: list
                    label: Author(s) List
                          type: pagemediaselect
                          label: Image
                          preview_images: true
                          type: text
                          label: Firstname
                          type: text
                          label: Name
                          type: email
                          label: Email
                          type: textarea
                          label: Description
                          type: text
                          label: Facebook
                          type: text
                          label: Twitter
                          type: text
                          label: Instagram

Its works, i can add media with but i cant select a special one with pagemediaselect in item list : “Cannot use “self@” outside of pages”

A solution to get around the problem?

Thx and congrat for the update, you rocks :metal: