How the heck does the register / account system work?

I’ve got the admin plugin installed but I can’t figure out how on earth to allow blog authors to register and make accounts. My site will have several authors and they will each need accounts. Every time I go to the settings on login and allow registration at /register it shows up a page with only the text “register.” Not to mention, is there any easy way to have author information show up under their posts?

Go to the plugins page and search for login or auth. The core is the login and oauth plugins. The READMEs should help. There is indeed the facility for account creation.

I know how to manually create users simply by creating a new user.yaml. I have both plugins installed and the admin dashboard and the registration page isn’t showing up at all. Plus, I’ve searched for an hour trying to find a way to make users privileges similar to a Wordpress Author or Contributor but it seems like its all or nothing. Either the user can edit all pages or no pages…
I’m not trying to make anything private… I’m trying to let authors get accounts and write materials without being able to edit everything. 1) problem is that the /register doesn’t work and the 2) is that there is no documentation I can find for customizing access or groups

I’m afraid I can’t help with the permissions. I don’t need them in any of my projects. Hopefully someone else can chime in on that thread.

As for registration, the README has extensive instructions. I’m not sure what steps you’ve already taken.

You can absolutely include author-specific metadata in the posts. Blog themes generally include it already, but you can customize or add it by modifying the twig files of whatever theme you prefer.

Thanks, hopefully this can help with the registration issue.

As for permissions… this is the closest I’ve gotten to limiting someone to ‘Contributor/Author’ status:
login: true
super: false
pages: true
login: true
state: enabled
But this still lets a user edit every single page which I don’t want.

Currently there is no per-page ACL. Users can either access pages, or not. You can propose some changes to be included, in an issue, if this does not satisfy your situation.

Alright, done: