Multi-language implementation and use via Admin Panel

Using Grav 1.5.6. Plugins (LangSwithcer, Login, Admin panel, …). French by default. (to give you an idea)

Hello to you all. I took me a while to realize I could do a Save as (en in my case)
I noticed however that I could not switch to English texts using the LangSwitcher plugin buttons.
If I do /en to access the english, I can access home page but clicking on the French button as not effect. Playing with the “Aides à la mobilité” menu item, I reach “fr/sections-page” ok. But the english button is not functionnal. If I do /en I can click on “Mobility Technical Aids” button, I can reach the english page ok. But the sub-menus on the right side is missing. However, the “Français” button bring me back to the French version.
I am confused. Is this a “bug” or most probably it is my wrong doing. I would appreciate some help here. If can manage to understand how to work this thing out, I will do a tutorial (step by step) on it.

Note : How can I put the “Français English” buttons just right of the logo and not on the left middle side of the page?

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