How to set language of UI of Admin Panel

Hello people!

I really like Grav. Great discovery!

I’ve already set up a couple of sites :blush:

I know this is an obvious question, but I’ve been trying for 1 hour to change the language from English to Spanish of the UI of Grav’s Admin Panel…

With the latest Grav Update, I can’t put my language in Spanish

And I can’t change it, after cleaning cache, cookies, etc.

What do I do wrong with the image?

I appreciate your help! :wink:

Thank you very much!

@montty, There are 2 settings for language(s):

  • Language of the content of the site.
    You set these settings in section 'configuration/system/languages`. That’s what your image displays.
  • The language of the UI of Admin Panel.
    This is set in the configuration section of the current user, which can be found at the top of the menu.
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Thank you! :hugs: