How to set language of UI of Admin Panel

Hello people!

I really like Grav. Great discovery!

I’ve already set up a couple of sites :blush:

I know this is an obvious question, but I’ve been trying for 1 hour to change the language from English to Spanish of the UI of Grav’s Admin Panel…

With the latest Grav Update, I can’t put my language in Spanish

And I can’t change it, after cleaning cache, cookies, etc.

What do I do wrong with the image?

I appreciate your help! :wink:

Thank you very much!

@montty, There are 2 settings for language(s):

  • Language of the content of the site.
    You set these settings in section 'configuration/system/languages`. That’s what your image displays.
  • The language of the UI of Admin Panel.
    This is set in the configuration section of the current user, which can be found at the top of the menu.


Thank you! :hugs: