Multi Language Content - HowTo?

Hi! I’m recently be charmed by Grav, and I’m considering switch to it for my needs. As I write my content in three languages, which are directed to different audiences, I’d like to know which is the correct or adviced solution to use in Grav.

Will I need three different translated clones in three subdomains (, and or there is a onboard easy way?


Multi language is the next major feature we wish to tackle after the admin is completed. There is a fairly lengthy discussion regarding this on the Github issue tracker:

You can do a rudimentary multilang system now by carefully constructing your content structure under top level language folders: en/, fr/, etc. However I don’t recommend this for anything but the most simple of sites.

Proper multi-lang support is coming, and will probably be what you need. You could however start with one language, and then add the others when support has been built-in.