Best way to setup multi language website?

hey i am new to gravcms. I love the looks of it :slight_smile:

I want my website in english and dutch and saw that there are more ways to do this.

I though I could use translations keys in the page and then switch to different language with language switcher.

But when i switch from en to nl the url prefix change but the content is not translated.

What am i doing wrong?


There are multiple parts to a multi-language setup. The two primary parts are:

  1. Pages/Content in multiple languages
  2. Translation of strings (outside of pages/content) in the current language.

Grav supports this plus other things such as custom language-based routes, etc. There is really only one way to do this part.

More information in the documentation

ok. i understand that i can make pages in english and in dutch. for each page i want. that part is no problem. But all pages appearing in the menu bar by would be better if there was an option to create a english menu for english pages and a dutch menu for dutch pages.

aah i fixed it. for some reason i had to manually add my dutch and english page into the same (01.home) folder to get it working. in a proper way.

if i want to add a dutch page with the same name in the home fodler via the admin interface it does not add it and jump to the already excisting english page…

anyhow i manage to get it working somehow. so i am happy