Moving Taxonomies field in Admin blueprint to another tab

I have created a custom editing tab in my custom blueprint for a client. I would like to move Taxonomies (of which I have only declared the Tags field) into my new tab. The docs cover replacing, unsetting etc but not repositioning (it seems).

I think I could undefine the field and then copy it into my new tab as a new field but this seems repetitive. I tried import@ but it didn’t work, possibly because I wasn’t referencing the Taxonomies field properly.

I also tried overriding it in my custom blueprint (options.fields.taxonomies.header.taxonomy) and setting ordering@ but that had no effect either.

I suspect there is a simpler way to simply move the field.

@hughbris, Using Quark and its /blueprints/default.yaml, the following blueprint:

  • Removes field Taxonomies from tab Options
  • Creates a new tab NewTab containing field Taxonomies
extends@: default


        options:                       # Existing Options tab
            taxonomies:                # Existing Taxonomies section
              unset@: true             # Unset entire section

        newtab:                        # Create new tab
          type: tab
          title: New Tab
            taxonomies:                # Create Taxonomies section
              type: section
              title: PLUGIN_ADMIN.TAXONOMIES
              underline: true

                header.taxonomy:       # Create Taxonomy field
                  type: taxonomy
                  label: PLUGIN_ADMIN.TAXONOMY
                  multiple: true
                    type: array




  • I’m not aware of a simpler and less repetitive way…
  • unset@: true must be the only or last line in a field definition. Keeping an existing field definition and adding unset@: true as first property won’t work. It must be the last property or only property.

Thank you, I’ve done that for now and it works. I didn’t know those rules about @unset.

I hope you don’t mind me not marking that as a solution. I find if I am lucky enough to have a workaround and then move on, that my solution turns up when I am not looking for it.