Modulars are not apparing

when i insert a module in a page, after i save it, i go in the page off the website to see it, and it does not appare.
the module result “published non-visible non-routable”

@nuv4, A tad more information might be helpful. For example:

  • Which Grav version are you using?
  • Which theme are you using?
  • Did you add the child module using Admin?
  • How does the folder structure look like after saving the page? Should be something similar to:
    └── 01.home
        ├── 01._hero
        │   ├── header.jpg
        │   └──
        ├── 02._highlights
        │   └──
        ├── 03._callout
        │   ├── jeep.jpg
        │   └──
        ├── 04._features
        │   └──
    Above tree is taken from skeleton ‘One-Page Site’ using $ tree user/pages | clip.exe (on Windows: $ tree user/pages | clip)
  • What’s the frontmatter of the ‘’?
  • What’s the frontmatter of the child module’s *.md?

i use [Grav] v1.7.7
the theme is [Quark] v2.0.3
i have add child module from admin web page
where i lunch tree user/pages | clip.exe ?

@nuv4, You launch tree user/pages | clipe.exe from the command prompt aka terminal.

but clipe.exe where is?

? ???_01hero
ok this is tree result

@nuv4, Please be kind to the readers and try to format the folder structure properly. It’s hard to make sense of the folder structure right now.

  • Which folder is supposed to contain the
  • Where is
  • Where are child module files?


  • To get an idea how modular pages work, you might want to download skeleton ‘One-Page Site’ and see how it is structured.
  • You also might have a look at the documentation about modular pages.

On Linux, use clip.exe on Windows use clip

yes I’ve downloaded the skeleton one as per your suggestion, and it works, in fact, so well with all the modules, I’ve leart how to make the modules and it makes them right,
Best regards