Migration from Get_Simple_CMS to GRAV?

Some of the people I help with a website use get-simple cms. That system is not based on text-only, but is using a database.
How to migrate from that system to GRAV?

You are wrong, get-simple does not use a database, it uses xml files - see the Docu.
as such, there might be a chance to adapt one of the WP xml Import Plugins like Wordpress Import

hello hoernerfranz,

thank you very much for your reply. Oh, apparently I was wrong with get-simple. It’a a long time ago that I started working with that. But your suggestion might be interesting.


Interpreting your name you seem to be German. Nice to know because I prefer the support from people In Germany. I have good experience with that. Btw, is there documentation for GRAV in the German language? As far as I’ve seen now it’s just English.

Hi Paulus,
no problem, I just thought your initial post must be corrected :smile: - but my proposal might come out in a substantial amount of work, as the xml from a WP export does surely not match the xml used by get-simple.
and yes, I’m german, as can also clearly be seen from my website :smiley:
as for GRAV docu, I am not aware of a german version, though.