Meta name vs. meta property

hello there :slight_smile:
I have an app running on heroku. Everything works fine, but the meta tags are not playing accordingly. I want each page to have its own meta images, titles and descriptions, so I’m specifying the meta tags in the md frontmatter:

    'og:image': ""
    'og:title': CBT & GDPR 
    'og:description': The General Data Protection Regulation

Problem is that facebook debugger is complaining that:

tried lots of variations with no success. Ideas are very welcome, thanks! :smiley:

hello there! :slight_smile: Wondering if anyone have any inputs on this matter?

cheers! :smiley:

Hi korody, it looks like it lacks indeed the following:


You might want to check your file metadata.html.twig or use the one provided by antimatter theme.

Alternatively, you can use a plugin I made for managing metadata such as opengraph, twitter, and json-ld microdata:

Hope it helps

hey Paul! Thank you very much for shedding some light on this issue. Changing the metadata file did remove the warnings, thanks! :smiley: