How to get meta og:image in theme base html

I am making a custom theme for myslef I need meta og:image in order to show the image automatically without adding in markdown I seen here Theme Variables | Grav Documentation but nothing helped me the title and description works super but in og:image it shows colon not allowed
{{ header.metadata.og:image }}
then I did some research I found we have to use it like this
{{ header.metadata.'og:image' }}But now it shows new error Expected name or number.

Can anyone please help me regarding this?

Try {{ header.metadata['og:image'] }}

Not Working! no errors just empty space :slightly_frowning_face:

How does your frontmatter look like?

@Iusew The following works just fine…

title: Typography
  'og:title': The Rock


{% block content %}
 {{ header.metadata['og:image'] }}

 {{ page.content|raw }}
{% endblock %}

SUPER ULTRA Thank You So much from last 3 days I was looking for a Solution Thanks a LOT.

@Iusew, But what was the solution? Can’t be the Twig code, because my snippet is the same snippet as the one from @Karmalakas.

Did you find any issue with the frontmatter?

Please don’t mark a post as solution without pointing out what was causing the issue and what solved it.

Sorry in Karmalakas Post I bymistake copied that formatting of discourse and hence it didn’t worked, after you shown then I typed it myself it worked :sweat_smile: