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Hi everyone

I have a menu on Home and Typography pages above Hero, but cannot arrive to the same design with Blog: menu sits in the hero.

Pls help, what do I need to change?


I have a menu on Home and Typography pages above Hero

I presume you’ve already copied the ‘hero’ block from blog.html.twig into default.html.twig?

If so, copy the *-class header variables from into


I didn’t do that. What exactly should I copy?

blog html.twig

the thing that starts from:

“{% block content_wrapper %} div class=”{{ hero_display ? ‘pt-0’ : ‘pt-16’ }}"



I don’t get at all.


Please help the community help you by providing accurate, but succinct, information to allow us to get an idea of the problem, the setup/situation, the goal, what has been done to achieve the goal and anything else that might be relevant/useful.

Sharing your level of expertise might also help. Is a hint sufficient as I did, or should the answer be more elaborate?

Use images only to visualise things, but not for error logs, code snippets (twig, php, js, css, scss), page headers, configuration settings etc.

but cannot arrive to the same design

  • What theme are you using?
  • What have you tried?
  • How should that design look like? Please show us an image to get the picture.
  • How does the header of the page look like?

I have a menu on Home and Typography pages above Hero

What means ‘above’? z-index or y-axis?

menu sits in the hero

Inside the “hero” <section>, or above (z-index) the hero image?

I’m sorry for giving too little detail.

I’m a beginner in Grav, hav very limited knowledge of web-design.

I’m using Typhoon theme foa a small hobby site.

The question is about the difference between the menu shown above Hero, like this:

and inside the Hero like this:

I cannot find the setting for switching between these variants.

@Eugene, Questions for all Premium products can all be asked on a dedicated Premium repo: GitHub - getgrav/grav-premium-issues: Official Grav Premium Issues repository to report problems or ask questions regarding the Premium products offered.

You questions will be answered by de developers themselves.

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Solved at Github

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