Membership site using Grav

Is it possible to use Grav to set up a membership site with the following features?

  • Public content and private, member content
  • Ability to charge for memberships
  • Automated signup for two or three levels such as Registered Guest (free) and Member (paid) or Registered Guest (free), Standard Member and Premium Member
  • Maybe also ability to have a members forum

If not, does anyone know of a flat file cms that can handle such a site?

(I am well aware of database cms options such as WordPress, Drupal, Composr, Joomla, etc, etc so I do not need posts directing me to those. I am looking for a databaseless option.)


It is possible, but there is no out of the box solution for membership sites yet.

Private and member content is available through the Login plugin.

Also, no forum is yet been made as a plugin for Grav yet, although you can use a 3rd part forum solution such as the one we’re using here.

Thanks for the reply.

So I am curious, when you say there is no out of the box solution but it is possible does that mean it is possible by use of existing resources like the Login plugin and 3rd party forums or does it mean possible as in use of those plus some coding?

In regards to the forum, do you know if any of the third party options would integrate with the login plugin?

It’s technically possible to integrate the login with this forum ( if you use oauth. Of course that requires one of the ‘medium’ plans for muut forum, and i’ve not tested this, but Grav login supports Oauth, Muut supports login with Oauth, so it should work. Just need to try it sometime.