Integrate Messaging/Community-Features in a Grav-Website

I’m planning to create a Website with User-Login and Community Features.

I’m more of a Webdesigner/Frontend-Developer, but with Grav it’s pritty handy for me to do backend-stuff as well.

Now I asked myself if I could create a Grav-Website with User-Login and a Profile, community Features like private Messages, maybe a discussion board, archievments and comment functions.

From what I found, I’m able to do something like login and profiles with the login-plugin.
Comments with the comment-plugin.

I’m not 100% sure how to handle the private messaging part or if that would be a good idea via grav.

  • Are there maybe some Websites you know that are made with Grav that have community-features like that?
  • What would your recommandation be to build those community-features?
  • Did you try to build something like that yourself and can you share your experience with me?

Maybe it would be best to use Discourse and integrate it in a Grav Website?
But I’m not sure if I can customize it inside a Grav System :thinking: :confused:

I do not know any plugin that has these features out of the box. But the login plugin is crazy powerful and you can definitely implement all these features yourself.
For example you could store comments, messages, content, … as flex-object and tie them to specific users. Either as role or a specific user id. You can then show them in the frontend again either by role or user id. No matter what I do not think you will get away without implementing these features yourself.

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