Forum plugin?


is there a forum plugin existing somewhere ?

Thank you

Not yet. You can integrate another forum software alongside Grav, or use a service, like this one (provided by Muut)

ok, I’ll see how hard it is to integrate it.

If you’re looking for something open-source, flarum may be a good option, I’m trying to integrate it now…

I just set up Muut (where I’m a founder) on a Grav site we’re about to launch. Here’s the setup:


  1. Go to and start a new community (it’s forever free with unlimited users and posts, even after the trial for premium features ends).

  2. Insert this code snippet where you want the community to appear (replace [communityname] with the name you chose for your community):

<a class="muut" href="[communityname]">[Community Name]</a>
<script src=""></script>
  1. That’s it. You can, of course, create a file partials/forum.html.twigwith the above code and then insert it wherever you want with {% include 'partials/forum.html.twig' %}.


You can use the same Muut community for blog commenting as well.

For example, with the Antimatter blog theme, add this to your blog_item.html.twig after <div class="e-content"> … </div>:

<a class="muut" href="[communityname]/{{ page.header.taxonomy.tag|first }}" type="dynamic">[Community Name]</a><script src=""></script>

Again, replace [communityname] with your own community’s name.

With the above setup, if you inserted category tags in your blog entry’s markdown file frontmatter, the comments will appear in a channel with the same name as your blog post’s first tag — for example, if your tags are technology and news, the comments will go under technology (path:[communityname]/technology/.)

Advantage with doing this is that you can then add a channel called “Technology” on your forum, and the comment threads for all blog posts with “Technology” as their primary tag will show up on that channel, alongside other discussions that users started on that channel.