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I have been over at RocketTheme working with the Gantry Versla theme. I was advised to look at Users and Groups/Permission documentation. I have looked over that documentation and I think I understand the concept of users / groups and even how the groups and permissions work at a high-level.

Let me explain a little more.

What I am seeking is to set up a store (using Snipcart) that would, by default, display retail products to users who just breeze in and don’t join the ‘club.’ Perhaps they don’t even register as a user.

Then I would like to set up a ‘club’ group that users will sign-up for that will then give them access to the ‘club store’ where they will see the same and exclusive products at discounted products.

From the regular user perspective, you would see a regular store populated with products at retail pricing. You would then see a link that would allow you to ‘register’ for the ‘club.’ If the user decides to join, and upon subsequent validation (via some automatic email process), the user would be automatically added to the ‘club’ group.

From the ‘club’ users perspective, upon login, you would see a club store populated with discounted and exclusive products available to club members only. If possible, these users would not see the regular retail products for which they would have discounted pricing, in the store. I suspect however, that I cannot achieve this finite level of store organization within the same page or product content?

Both users would see other products at regular pricing, such as apparel and misc items / products.

Within the products particle for Snipcart (in the Versla) theme, I think I need to set up a ‘store-page’ for regular users, and a ‘store-club-page’ for club users. As for the products that both groups would have access to, I suspect that this would be yet another page with an appropriate product particle. I guess i need some assitance in suppressing the ‘store-club-page’ from the regular users and vice-versa for the club users and perhaps an example on how to do that.

I while I think I understand this creating users and groups at a high level overview, I am a little confused as to how this would apply to pages within the theme that I am using (Versla). Is this idea of groups and permissions integrated into the Gantry / Theme framework so that I can apply these from within the Admin / Gantry GUI, or will I be needing to manually modify files on the server to allow access to or suppress pages based on their group membership?

Keep in mind, I am new to Grav so I am a little confused by this nomenclature of ‘pages.login’ that I am viewing in the Groups and Permission etc documentation.

So to reiterate, if I do create these pages with particle / layout stuff applied to them, how would I configure the ‘store-page’ regular non-group user to have access to that respective page, suppressing the ‘store-club-page’ and vice-versa for club users?

Would I use nomenclature such as ‘’ and ‘’ respectively?

I hope this all makes sense, I am still learning how to speak Grav properly…