Bin/gpm install ... deletes content in images folder

just found out that gpm install command deleted my images in my images folder. tried three different plugins, same result: images are gone after install

The /images folder is for Grav to use for it’s processed and cached images. This does get cleared any time there is a cache clearing event. You should not be putting your images in here.

You should be storing your images ideally in the same directory as your page .md file, then using media functions to access/manipulate them.

If you would prefer to have all your images in one location, the ideal solution is to create a /user/pages/images folder and put them there. Then you can use Grav’s page functions to get the page, and still treat them as media files.

The next but least attractive approach, is to store you images in /user/images. This is outside the pages/ folder, so you lose the media capabilities, but can reference them like traditional image files. Importantly though, they are still in your user/ folder.

All right, thank you. (Guess I have to study more grav docs…)