Mass creation of pages from a csv file

Hi I need to create a lot of markdown pages for a website of quotes.
I created a php file which successfully create a lot of markdown files, but the header section of them is not recognized by grav.
_ * Does anyone have an idea why grav don’t recognise the header? * _

The code with some examples is uploaded on github. You can find the examples inside the example folder.

Can you provide a link to a GIST or something with an example page that you are having trouble with???

BTW no examples folder in that repo.

HI, thanks.
I uploaded the folder with the examples. the link to gist is : gist 1
Github example folder

it’s definitely related to the weird quoting you have in the frontmatter of each page.

You have some quotes escaped \ like in \'@taxonomy\': or \'twitter:card\'.

I also saw some occasional trailing \s strings at the end of a line.

i think in general you need to sort out your quote escape, and cleanup the whitespace characters.

ok i’ll do that, thank you!