Outputting content as html

I am planning to use grav for documentation website of a software. That site will also be used as a web documentation for the software. I already have over 120 html files that I want to add in grav after organizing the folder and file structure. However, new contents will also be generated. I need the html file with the correct directory structure. Is there a way of converting the site contents from markdown to html?

You can paste HTML code directly into the markdown pages. It will be interpreted as HTML.

I found out about that. My issue is how can I transport the site as HTML? From my understanding, if I create a new content, it saves it as markdown. I wanted to use the html output in a software documentation.

Any answer for this question?

You can’t do that. Grav is a dynamic CMS that requires PHP to function. You are probably looking for a static-file generator that creates static HTML files.

Oh that is unfortunate. I wanted to generate content using grave and just use the pages folder offline.

You can use wget or any other site scraper to make a static version of the site.

This is noted. That was what I wanted to avoid when coming to flat file CMS.