Markdown text parsing issue

Right now when I write my posts in markdown editor this (input) will turn into this (output). Of course I can help myself with HTML <br> tag like I did here but it’s going to be silly if I have to do it every single time I need to start new line.


Can you try it here:

This is the library we use for markdown parsing.

@rhukster ok, I did a test. Here are my findings. As you can see in this example , in first part, I can achieve separate line in the output by doing double new line - so I press Enter/Return twice if I want to start from new line.

If I press Enter/Return once however (second part), the engine will treat it as same line even if Markdown window on the left shows it as separate line.

Reason? Even if you start in a markdown from new line, he will wrap all this text in a single <p> paragraph. So to achieve true new line text, you need to do a double new line:


# double line (correct output)
<p>hello, it's me</p>
<p>hello from the outside</p>

# single line (NOT correct)
hello, it's me
hello from the outside</p>


The way Parsedown works it’s a little silly (could not think of rational explanation why it’s handled this way). No matter how many times you press Enter/Return key and jump to new line, he won’t reflect it in the output as you can see here .
Following this conversation on stack overflow I finally made it to work.
Basically you need to press Space twice at the end of the line to force it to start the text from new line, like this ( represent a blank space):


will be formatted as:


And this is how it will look like in the code:

<p>hello<br />
hello, it's me<br />
hello from the outside  </p>

P.S. Not sure what Markdown engine this forum here use, but it’s parsing text correctly as should be :ok_hand:

Yes, the correct markdown solution for a new line is two or more spaces at the end of a line.