Markdown style

Is it possible to add a GRΛV markdown style to a markdown editor, presuming that markdown editor can add custom styles?

What do you mean by GRAV markdown style ? Mostly Grav uses GFM (GitHub flavored markdown) as that is what the parser we are using (Parsedown) processes. Most editors support this natively. The only thing that might cause a slight hiccup is the YAML Frontmatter but this is pretty much identical to how Jeykll does it too.

I’d like to see the Notices box in my markdown preview application (Marked2) and, in general, I’d like text I see in Marked2 to look identical to the text on my webpage.

Have you tried the admin plugin? Because it actually uses Grav for a preview, you do get most of the frontend functionality in the preview mode. It’s pretty cool!

And if you need something more Shortcodes even extend Markdown to leverage the full power of Grav :wink:

Wow-- first time trying the Admin Plugin. So simple and clean visually. Although it allows me to ‘see’ how things will end up looking, I think I’d still prefer editing my markdown in Sublime, running ‘build’ there, and having Marked2 show me very quickly what things will look like. Marked2 has a GFM style .css file that allows a GFM preview, and so I hoped that somewhere in a theme there might be a similar I could add to Marked2’s styles bank.

@sommerregen: great plugin-- I’m still exploring it a bit.